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We are a well rounded logging business. We do selective cutting, which is taking the diseased, poor quality wood so the healthy crop trees will thrive. Clear cutting is just like it sounds: you take a parcel of land and clear it of trees for pastures, commerical structures or residential developments. Over story removal: this is cutting the crop trees so the younger regeneration can thrive. One other method is the liquidation harvest: this is removing any tree with a significant value and leaving the remaining trees to prosper. Chipping of the tree tops and some debris are included in the above procedures. Upon request we work with licensed foresters with expertise in specific areas.. We own our own fleet of logging and chipping trucks. We not only cut the timber, we truck it to the mills once it is on the landing. In addition to our logging business we also do excavation work as well.  

We pride ourselves on our customer relations. Staying in close contact with the landowner is the best way to accommodate their needs and wishes. Before we move a single piece of equipment onto the land, we do a walk around of the parcel with the landowner to make sure it is clearly understood what is asked of us. Along with the personal relations, we work especially hard at making sure we meet your expectations. We want you to be happy with the appearance of your lot as well as the financial end of things.

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